Presenting  "Daniel Adamson" the unique passenger carrying steam tug tender - a NRHV Designated Vessel.

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Daniel Adamson FAQs

1. Why is ‘Daniel Adamson’ so important?

The simple answer to this question, is that ‘she’ is unique, the last of her kind, there simply is no other vessel like her in the UK today, few if any remain anywhere in the world. What is even more amazing is that she is largely original. Her riveted hull is the same today as when first built in 1903, much of it comprising hand riveted plates easily distinguishable from later machine (rivet gun) type fixings and readily visible.

Her twin steam engines again date from 1903 and stand as testament to the build quality and engineering skills of those times. Potentially she is one of the oldest ‘operable’ coal fired, steam driven ships in the world.

2.  Do you intend to operate her?

Yes, it is our intention to restore ‘Daniel Adamson’ to full operation, to do this we must restore her to the highest possible standards both in terms of safety and operating efficiency. We must provide a safe environment not only for our visitors, but also for those who will operate the vessel. The ship must operate efficiently, so as to become self-sustaining. Maintenance and operating costs will inevitably be high and we cannot expect to rely on ‘hand outs’ Hopefully certification for a full passenger capacity will be gained, which in conjunction with a wide and varied itinerary, plus other functions will, we believe, allow complete self funding.


3. Where will she operate?

‘Daniel Adamson’ a product of the Mersey , built in Birkenhead with engines manufactured in Liverpool , has spent her entire life in the area. Originally plying the Mersey , she later worked on the Manchester Ship Canal , her versatile design allowing her to tow vessels from barges to ocean going ships as well as to carry passengers, in later years in some luxury. We have no plans for ‘towage’ duties, but only to operate passenger services in these same waterways.


4. Won’t that mean competition with other operators?

We don’t think so, that might be the case if we were merely offering ‘more of the same’ but ‘Daniel Adamson’ is neither a ferry nor a coastal excursion vessel, moreover, her historic significance combined with her unique features of steam power, classic art deco saloons and Edwardian accommodation, will we believe provide a very different experience, that will compliment, rather than compete with existing operators in what we see as a growing resurgence in water borne leisure activities in the region.


5. You are a Registered Charity, what proportion of the money you receive goes to the project?

Simple, 100% of all monies received is used to preserve the ship. All working parties comprise unpaid volunteers, similarly the committee provide all their services freely and without remuneration. Every penny goes to saving the ship. Naturally we must occasionally engage the services of professionals, skilled craftsmen and so on, to carry out some aspects of the work involved, these services must be paid for, as must materials needed to complete the work. There are expenses too, the provision of a website and newsletters for members falls in this category. Aside from that volunteers incur many incidental costs, travel, tools, telephone calls etc. which, thankfully for us they bear themselves! So be assured, every pound you give is used in the project, in fact, if you’re a tax payer, sign a ‘Gift Aid’ form with your donation, we get £1.28 for every pound you donate!


6. What do I get out of it?

Perhaps not a question which may arise directly on a ‘frequent’ basis, but one deserving consideration. By making a donation, taking up membership, or better still, both, you are taking positive steps to ensure the viability of this project. The support of members is an essential element not only for the financial help this provides but also as an indicator of the level of interest and support for the cause. This can prove critical when seeking funding. Similarly the hours worked by volunteers can be utilised in assessing ‘matched funding’ in bid proposals, so although the work is given freely and unpaid, it does have a potential financial value. You may if you wish learn new skills, or apply long dormant talents perhaps thought redundant for years! You will meet a lot of like-minded individuals from all walks of life who share your interest and there is little doubt amongst them, you will make some good friends.

You will certainly have an opportunity to get involved, but only to a level that suits you. Above all you will have played a valuable part in saving this unique vessel.


7. I’m no sailor what could I do?

We are very fortunate that among our members we do have a number of maritime professionals, many of whom are actively employed as seafarers today. Equally we have many members from a variety of backgrounds with a wide range of skills from basic on up. It would be fair to say that just about everybody has some skill that we can use, furthermore, most people are eager to learn or at least happy to help.

As we progress we can hopefully utilise this expertise and our facilities to pass on these skills to others, similarly the vessel will provide a valuable educational tool for a number of disciplines.


8. What do you get out of it?

Well in financial terms, nothing whatever, in terms of achievement, pride, call it what you will, an amazing sense of doing something worthwhile, saving a piece of history for the benefit of a great many people, hopefully for future generations too.

Not in some museum as a cold, inanimate object, but in the environment for which she was designed and built, providing stimuli for all the senses, with all the sights, sounds and smells of an earlier age, not ‘virtual reality’, but the real thing, literally a ‘time machine’ transporting you back over 100 years!